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Acquisition - Expansion - Succession


Thursday - May 14, 2020

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM


Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection

421 West B Street

San Diego, California 92101


A one-day mastermind event specifically for entrepreneurial-minded financial advisors looking to advance and refine their business. This session will explore each of the three phases of an advisory practice (Acquisition -Expansion - Succession) and provide actionable steps that will instantly move the needle for attendees regardless of which business phase their business is in.


Lodging and meal expenses during the event will be covered for qualifying advisors by event host, USA Financial.

An airfare reimbursement of $500 will be provided for attendees traveling from outside the greater San Diego area.


*Form submission does not confirm registration.

We will be in contact with you for complete registration details.

What is the Advisor Advancement Mastermind Panel?


This one day event combines two powerful and highly interactive meeting formats - an interactive executive panel and the open dialogue nature of a mastermind session. This Mastermind Panel will explore strategies and tactics designed to help attendees in each of the three crucial phases of elite practice growth & development, including:



Where the need to acquire new clients and assets through innovative marketing is a priority.


  •  The 8-Step Marketing & Sales Funnel used by high-performing advisors.
  • How to quickly evaluate what marketing strategies make the most sense for your business.
  • What the so-called experts are dead wrong about when it comes to seminar and event marketing.
  • Digital marketing - what is actually worth the effort?
  • The 4 questions you should be asking during an appointment to create professional contrast and instantly drive a wedge between prospective clients and their incumbent advisor.
  • Discover some of the most impactful stories to share during events and meetings to instantly improve your credibility with prospective clients.
  • The psychology and strategy behind why you should never do any planning work before gaining a commitment from your prospective client.


  • Attracting Ideal Clients and compelling them to duplicate themselves.


  • The most effective and professional way to charge fees for your time and expertise.


Where the need to scale and/or create efficiencies through systems and processes is critical.


The Advisor Practice Audit - a 360-degree look at your practice to identify the opportunity gaps.


  • How to easily close the gaps and create scale and efficiency inside your business through processes and systems.
  • Making the shift from a service-based practice to an experience-based one.
  • From One to Many - making the shift in your marketing and client communication to manufacture time for you and others in the practice.
  • What it means to "right-size" your practice and how to do it painlessly.
  • How to increase the quantity and quality of the introductions you receive.
  • Best practices necessary to be "franchise ready" and to scale efficiently and exponentially.
  • The 80 / 20 Principal and the Intentional Allocation of Resources to Replicate your Top 20%.


  • Learn the Economic Hiring Model to greatly offset the risk of making a poor hiring decision. 




Where guidance relating to a future transition in your practice is needed, whether through a new acquisition, a merger, or the sale of your business.


  •  How to approach determining a realistic valuation of your business.
  • Why every practice should regularly track their valuation metrics.
  • The nuts and bolts of an advisor practice transition - whether you are the buyer or seller.
  • Simple steps to increase the value of your business (and avoid doing harm to your valuation).
  • What every advisor should know when it comes to structuring an acquisition, merger, or sale.
  • How your brand fits into the transition equation.
  • What buyers are looking for and what sellers need to have in place to create a win-win scenario.
  • How to position your firm for the next generation, whether you have your successor in place or not.
  • Why every advisor needs an answer to the client question: "What happens if something happens to you?"


Entrepreneurial minded financial professionals who are committed to refining their business. This event will be a unique experience - an opportunity to gain insights and actionable ideas to implement in your practice.

But this event isn't for everyone. It is only open to 25 high-achieving advisors from around the country. Those in attendance will be treated to a first-class experience as we dive deep into the three business phases that successful advisors find themselves within:

ACQUISITION - Where the need to acquire new clients and assets through innovative marketing is a priority.

EXPANSION - Where the need to scale and/or create efficiencies through systems and processes is critical.

SUCCESSION - Where guidance relating to a future transition that may take place in your practice is needed, whether that transition is through a new acquisition, a merger, or the sale of your business.


What is Advisor Advancement?

Advisor Advancement is an advisor-focused initiative with the primary goal of helping financial professionals to become better business builders. Formed by USA Financial in 2016, this initiative seeks to help entrepreneurial-minded advisors by encouraging them to think beyond the financial products and services that have become commoditized in today's financial industry. Through its podcast network, e-learning platforms, and live sessions, the Advisor Advancement initiative provides resources to aid today's financial professional in the areas of marketing, process and system creation, business refinement, experience development, as well as value creation and legacy building.

Who is USA Financial?

USA Financial is the parent company to seven different affiliated companies that each serve a unique purpose in the financial services industry:

  • USA Financial Securities - Independent Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor (Member FINRA/SIPC)
  • USA Financial Formulas - Formulaic Trending Asset Manager
  • USA Financial Exchange - Turnkey Asset Management Program
  • USA Financial Insurance Services - Insurance and Annuity Distributor (FMO/IMO)
  • USA Financial Marketing - Cross-Platform Multimedia Marketing
  • USA Financial HQ - FinTech Development & Integration
  • USA Financial Protocol - Business Refinement & Practice Management Consultant


What's in it for me (the advisor)?

The one-day Advisor Advancement Mastermind Panel event will provide attendees with a chance to explore, discuss, and get answers to some of the biggest challenges facing their individual businesses, regardless of whether they find themselves in the Acquisition, Expansion, or Succession phase. Each of these phases will be dissected in an easy-to-consume manner with instant takeaways and actionable steps that can be implemented effortlessly within your practice. Some of the tools you will be provided with at this session include:

  • Cost-Credibility Marketing Matrix (A tool to easily evaluate marketing strategies to consider within your practice)
  • Digital Marketing Scorecard (An easy-to-understand, personalized analysis evaluating your current digital footprint)
  • Marketing Case Studies (Exploring the most powerful direct response marketing strategies in use today)
  • Event Experience Maximizer (A simple checklist to ensure you are elevating the experience of any event you host)
  • Event ROI Analyzer (A tracking tool to help you evaluate ROI and event marketing effectiveness)
  • System & Process Checklist (A guide for helping you create scale and efficiency within your practice)
  • Service & Process Name Generator (An easy worksheet to help create tangibility for everything in your practice)
  • The 3 Revealing Exercises (An immediately impactful study that helps identify and build advocates for your firm)
  • The "Getting to Know You" Survey (A must-have tool for transitioning your firm from being service-based to experience-based)
  • The Ultimate Appointment Document Set (A must-have for any practice looking to create professional contrast)
  • The Instant PR Builder Kit (Simple steps to establish credibility for your firm)
  • Advisor Blue Book Practice Valuation (An estimate of the current value of your practice)
  • The Chain-of-Secrets Fast Track Map (an entrepreneur's cheat sheet to amplify growth and sidestep business traps)

What's in it for us (USA Financial)?

We are firm believers that transparency always wins. We also know that, in general, the more one gives the more they will receive. As a result, we know that many of you will have an interest in learning more about how USA Financial could potentially benefit the future growth, scaling, and/or transitioning of your business. We would welcome that opportunity. Our expectations are simple - if you find the event to be valuable and feel that a relationship with USA Financial in some capacity is something worthy of exploring, let's do it. We are a recent 5-time Inc. 5000 company and have been running our hub-and-spoke synergistic business model since 1998; long enough to know that there needs to be a parallel alignment on both sides. Maybe we're a great fit. Maybe not. There's no harm in exploring the notion.

Is there a registration fee?

We have waived any registration fee to attend this event, which is why only high-achieving advisors may attend. We recognize that your time and our time is extremely valuable. Our promise is to make every effort to have you walk away from this event thinking "Wow. That was unbelievable."

What about travel expenses?

You are responsible for arranging and paying for your own airline reservations, but you will be handed a check to cover your costs for a standard flight up to $500 at the conclusion of the event. If you need assistance making reservations, we're happy to assist.

What about lodging expenses?

Upon confirming your reservation, USA Financial will book and pay for your lodging expenses. We will work closely with you during the registration process to ensure any specific accommodation requests are handled.

What does it mean to be a "qualified" advisor?

Qualifying advisors are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Since seating is extremely limited, it is imperative that advisors in attendance are the right fit for this session. Attendees will be successful professionals who have a proven track record of excellence, yet understand that there are always small refinements that can be made to greatly improve their business (because small hinges can swing big doors). You will work closely with one of our Business Development professionals to discuss the details of the event and to finalize registration details.

What's the catch?

There's only one catch. We ask that you attend this event with an open mind and take a day to tune out the noise of your everyday business life. Explore new concepts. Participate in the discussion. And if you feel as though USA Financial is worth taking a closer look at for the future growth, scaling, or transition of your business, we'll find a way to continue the discussion. That's about as transparent as we can be.

About the Venue -

Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection

Escape the ordinary.

With a distinctive blend of modern convenience and boutique sophistication, Hotel Republic San Diego, Autograph Collection has everything you need for an unforgettable coastal California getaway. With a convenient location, you can embrace excitement just steps from our hotel. Dance the night away among Victorian architecture at Gaslamp Quarter, a premier entertainment district, and explore the vibrant restaurant scene in Little Italy just blocks away.

Mastermind Panel Speakers

Mike Walters


USA Financial

Brent Enders


USA Financial

Steve Phillips


Chief Practice Management Officer
USA Financial

Matt Eilers


Chief Business Development Officer
USA Financial

Mark Mersman


Chief Marketing Officer
USA Financial

What's Next?


To express interest in attending this event, complete the Registration Interest form. One of our Business Development professionals will be in contact with you to learn more about your business and discuss the steps to finalize your registration. Alternatively, you can call us at 888.444.0125 ext. 1 and indicate your interest in attending the upcoming Advisor Advancement Mastermind Panel.

What Advisors Have Recently Said About USA Financial

Pete P.

"The most honest group I've ever dealt with and no BS."


Jeff L.

"Honesty and Integrity is very important to me. Although we may not always agree on everything, as long as I trust someone, I'm all in!"


Jim H.

"You guys rock! Constant forward thinking, clear objectives, and incredible support!"

- JIM H.

Wayne H.

“The USAF team is truly an ally to help us succeed in all facets of our practice. They are more than business colleagues. They're also friends and care about more than just business side of the advisor.”


Cliff S.

“Great group of people who are bent on seeing you succeed. Great feedback and follow-up with the advisors to give whatever support that is needed!”


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“You guys take good care of us! It's tough sometimes to be in the "trenches" and have to deal with all of the stress that goes along with it. Nice to know you guys have our back when we need it most.”

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